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White Paper: Authentication and authorisation for FHIR interfaces onto local and national services/systems

Business Background A common ask from healthcare software suppliers, especially those in the patient-facing application market, is how will applications […]

Improve customer experience with automated polling for nominated electronic prescriptions

EPS Dispensing Systems may schedule or poll the ‘Nominated Prescription Release Request’ interaction at any time, subject to two constraints; 1) Polling must not be more frequent than every 2 minutes, and 2) When the response returns no available prescriptions then the System must wait at least 2 minutes before polling again.

Ideas for using the EPS Prescription Tracker API – Patient Facing Apps

Back to the related article about the EPS Prescription Tracker API. Don’t get too excited. This API does not meet […]

Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) For Dummies Part II: A deeper look

A look at three EPS technical architecture models; Data Flows, State Transition and Component View.

Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) For Dummies

Everything most of you need to know about the NHS Electronic Prescription Service (EPS).