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This is the temporary landing page for the ODS API Suite.  The ODS API Suite is replacing the POC API “An Open API to Health and Social Care Organisation Reference Data” described on this page on the Developer Network Site.  The content of this page will soon be published via the landing page on the stable (alpha) API endpoint at

Note: Between 5pm to 7pm, the service may be taken down for maintenance and would be unavailable during this time.

The development is currently in Alpha stage and is hosted on a test platform.  The service has not yet been authorised for live usage therefore must not be used or connected to any live system or service.  The data within the service is test data so again must not be considered or used for live use.

Background Information

ODS API Suite – ORD and FHIR interfaces

The data returned by the API is transformed to meet requirements of two customer groups as follows:

ORD Consumers

  • A number of ODS consumers have invested in the ODS XML format approved via SCCI ref: SCCI 0090 Organisation Reference Data (ORD) and would like an API that utilises this so as to maximise their investment in using that format (please see
  • An interface aligned to ORD allows consumers to synchronise changes into a local data store “ODS ORD API should be used to query full ODS records aligned to ORD should be used to synchronise data comprising of the full ODS record as defined in ORD 

Implementation guidance for the ORD interface can be found here.

FHIR Consumers

  • With the increasing number of FHIR based APIs there is also a need to allow ODS data to be used directly by the APIs and leverage the use of the FHIR standard.
  • A transactional interface based on the HL7 FHIR standard provides access via the “ODS Lookup API should be used to query HL7 FHIR compliant ODS records

Implementation guidance for the FHIR interface can be found at

The data returned by each interface is sourced from the same underlying database which is populated from XML HSCOrgRefData managed by the Organisation Data Service (ODS) within NHS Digital.  However, the data returned by the interfaces differ.

The data returned via the SCCI interface includes ALL data from ALL components of the ODS XML Data Model

  • Organisation (e.g. OrgID, Name, Open Date, Close Date, LastChangeDate, Status)
  • Geographic Location (Address Details)
  • Contacts (e.g. mailto, http, tel, fax)
  • Roles (Primary and Non-Primary Roles)
  • Relationships (Legal and Operational Relationships including history were this has been captured by ODS)
  • Succession (History of legal Succession following reconfiguration/mergers, etc.)
  • Additional Attributes (Data Items included to support policy and pragmatic change)

The data returned via the FHIR interface includes a subset of data items from the components listed below

  • Organisation
  • Geographic Location
  • Contacts
  • Roles

Consumers may need to consider data requirements as well as alignment to data standards when deciding which interface to use.  There may be some consumers that require both interfaces to support different use cases for local applications.