Digital Assessment Questions – Beta

A group of subject matter experts, across a number of specialist organisations developed this beta version of the Digital Assessment Questions. They cover a series of clinical and technical standards, questions and best practice aimed to help you develop or enhance your digital product to the required and recommended standard.

These questions are currently being used for pilot purposes and in the interests of transparency we are publishing this beta version to allow developers and vendors to see the latest thinking of this evolving assessment.

You are welcome and free to access the Digital Assessment Questions to assess your product against, but your results will not be submitted for review or assessment at this time.

The beta version will be updated and published to live at a later date, although will continue to evolve over time.  Our ambition is that the specialist organisations will hold responsibility for maintaining and updating these questions, so NHS Digital retain the technical categories, The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) reside over the indicators of effectiveness questions and in the same way regulatory questions will be maintained by the relevant bodies. Updates will be published here and we encourage you to continue to access this site to stay informed.