Information for Developers about the Apps Library (Beta)

What is the NHS Apps Library and how do you get your app on there?

The NHS Apps Library ( has been launched as a beta site. It provides citizens, patients and clinicians with a trusted selection of digital health, care and well-being applications. This enables patients and citizens to access health care related tools that have been designed and tested to support the self-management and prevention of health related conditions.

These pages provide options to developers who have existing health apps they would like to see on the library. It also provides options for those of you who are interested in the library or have an idea for a health app that they'd like to develop.

All apps must pass the Digital Assessment Questionnaire (DAQs) to ensure that only trusted, high quality apps are available on the Apps Library. They must also be available in either Apple, Google or Microsoft App Stores. The library does not host apps, it provides links to the stores.

The NHS is working to update and enhance these pages and the experience for app developers. To do this we are testing concepts, designs and user experience and we are actively seeking feedback from developers.

Assessment Process

In order to drive and maintain a high-quality offering of products on the NHS Apps Library we have a Digital Assessment Questionnaire and review process that enables developers to provide information and evidence against relevant national standards and best practices.

The digital assessment questionnaire and assessment review process is being tested via this beta site to enable a collaboration environment for developers, health care professionals and patients. This supports us in the development of a fit-for-purpose process that is efficient and effective.

As the process flow below shows, once you have submitted your app for assessment it will go through a pre-assessment process at NHS Digital to determine if your app is suitable. If it qualifies, you will be invited to take part in the self-assessment by answering the digital assessment questions.

Once we have received your submission, they will be reviewed by our subject matter experts; these are specialists in various fields (regulatory, clinical safety, data security etc.). Timescales for assessment may vary but can typically take around 2 to 4 weeks and is dependent on how the app performs against the assessment standards.

When an app has successfully satisfied the assessment criteria it will go through a process that will lead to publication on the NHS Apps Library. To get an indication of the criteria used, you can view the Digital Assessment Questionnaire – Beta.

NHS Digital
Step 1
Submit App
Step 2
Step 3
Complete DAQs
Step 4
Step 5
App Published

Submit an App for assessment

If your app is in public use and is ready to be assessed using the Digital Assessment Questions, please submit your app below.

Register your Interest

The NHS are keen to work with developers and interested parties. If you would like to be involved and receive information on future updates please register your interest below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a co-working space or developer user group?

We are currently improving the developer guidance information to meet the needs of developers. As a part of this process, we want to encourage the development of a user group for health apps developers.

How do we publicise our app?

The NHS Apps Library can be found at Many of the apps will be accessed by patients when viewing the condition-related content pages of NHS Choices.

Can we meet to talk with you in more detail about our digital tool or health application?

NHS Digital is working quickly to improve the process by which developers can get their apps onto the library as part of the beta site. In the meantime we advise you to look at the digital assessment questions ( and the guidance for developers on and register your interest on the site.

If you have an existing app currently in public use and you feel that it is ready to pass through the Digital Assessment Questions, please Submit your app to begin the process.