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Introduction to Spine Mini Services

A brief introduction to getting started with the Spine Mini Services APIs.

The SMSP Vision

The NHS Digital demographics ITK spine mini service specification was published a number of years ago; aimed at reducing technical integration complexity, whilst accessing a subset of demographics information without a smartcard, where only a single match is returned. Thus constraining the technical context, along with reducing the complexity of implementation and associated requirements.

What is the Spine Core SMSP

  • Provides an interface to simplify the technical integration into NHS Digital Personal Demographics Service (PDS)
  • A lighter weight assurance process using the NHS Digital self-certified approach (Target Operating Model) to address clinical safety, operational readiness and Information Governance issues.
  • Is constrained for use by suitable organisations with whom the NHS Digital has a legal basis for sharing

What does Spine Mini Service Provider do?

The Spine Core SMSP provides the interface for a SMSP Client to directly query a subset of Spine services for demographic information.

Spine Mini Services

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