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Retrieval Consumer Guidance

Consumer requirements and guidance for record and document retrieval.

HTTP Request

Retrieval of documents/records is achieved through a HTTP GET request. See the Retrieval Read Interaction page for details of the requirements for creating and sending a HTTP GET request for retrieval.

Interaction ID

Consumers MUST include an interaction ID in the HTTP Headers when performing a retrieval request via the SSP.

The interaction ID for retrieving a record is specific to the record format code, which is included in the pointer meta-data. See Retrieval Formats for the mapping between format code and interaction ID.

Provider ASID

Consumers MUST include the provider ASID in the SSP-To HTTP Header when performing a retrieval request via the SSP.

The provider ASID can be obtained through performing a Spine Directory Services (SDS) look-up. This can be done using the record author ODS code, which is included in the pointer meta-data, and the spine interaction ID.

A worked example of the endpoint look-up process can be found on the Spine Core specification.

Handling Multiple Formats

Where a Pointer contains reference to multiple formats for a single record/document Consuming systems need to take action in order to understand which is the most appropriate format to display within their system.

For example, a record may be available as a PDF document but also as a FHIR resource. In this situation Consumers may find it preferable to display the FHIR resource if the Consuming system can understand and process this type of FHIR resource.

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