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Slot | Urgent & Emergency Care Appointments

A slot of time on a schedule that may be available for booking appointments.

0. References to FHIR Profiles

1. Key FHIR Elements

The following FHIR elements have been identified as key to the implementation:

Element Cardinality Description Example value(s)
Slot.serviceCategory1..1A broad categorisation of the service that is to be performed during this appointment
Slot.appointmentType0..1Reason this appointment is scheduled
Slot.schedule1..1A reference to a notional Schedule that this Slot belongs toReference (Schedule)
Slot.status1..*busy | free | busy-unavailable | busy-tentative | entered-in-error
Slot.start1..1Date/Time that the slot is to begin2018-01-02T09:15:30Z
Slot.end0..1Date/Time that the slot is to conclude2018-01-02T09:30:30Z

The Schedule will have a grouping of slots with different start and end times.

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