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Release Notes

Summary release notes of the versions released in ITK3 Outpatient Letter Implementation Guide



  • New CareConnect-ITK-MedicationResponse-1 Profile added to support TTOs (To take outs)
  • Updated CareConnect-ITK-MedicationStatement-1 to support reference to CareConnect-ITK-MedicationResponse-1.

Specification Pages

  • Updated Profile page to include the new Profile
  • Updated Message Definitions
  • Added new MedicationDispense referencing diagram
  • Updated MedicationStatement referencing diagram to include MedicationDispense Resource
  • Update “Build medication list” pages


PRSB section tables

These have been updated to include mappings of the PRSB elements to the FHIR elements (where there are mappings).


Examples have been updated and corrected following further validation.

All Coded entries are now done as lists. Medication is now two lists one for “Active” and one for “Discontinued”.

Constructing clinical coded structures section

Updated with new guidance derived from INTEROPen curation.



All profiles have been updated to align with CareConnect profiles following INTEROPen curation.

Examples All examples have been updated to align with CareConnect profiles following INTEROPen curation.


The section Design & Build/Constructing Clinical Coded Structures has been updated to reflect the change to the approach following INTEROPen curation process.


Infrastructure Changes

Changed to align with the ITK3 Messaging Distribution specification version 2.1.0-beta.

Messaging Architecture Changes

Interactions have been replaced by message definitions and new ITK3 Handling keys.

Value sets / Code Systems

The url for ValueSet-CareSettingType-1, has changed to so that it can be used across programs, also the internal version has changed to 1.0.0.

Composition Sections

The structure used for the Patient demographics , GP practice and Distribution list sections has been changed to have specific slices in the composition to align with all other PRSB sections. Descriptions and examples have been updated to suit.

Section Guidance

All PRSB headings and subheadings have been updated following release of the version 1.0 PRSB documentation. Descriptions and examples have been updated to suit.

New Profiles

Added Binary Resource Profile to allow support for attachments.

Specification Structure

Added new sub menus under Design and build section for “Use of Attachments” and “Rendering of Documents” these are place-holders for guidance to be issued in a later release.


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