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Discharge Details Section

Gives information about the Discharge details section

Discharge Details Section Content

The Discharge details section carries details of the patient’s discharge, items in bold are subheadings and should be formatted as such in any HTML sent:

  • Discharging consultant - The consultant responsible for the patient at time of discharge.
  • Discharging specialty/department - The specialty/department responsible for the patient at the time of discharge.
  • Expected date of discharge - The date the patient is currently expected to be discharged from hospital.
  • Date of discharge - Time of discharge Electronic environment only.
  • Discharge method - The method of discharge from hospital. National codes: eg, patient discharged on clinical advice or with clinical consent; patient discharged him/herself or was discharged by a relative or advocate, patient died, stillbirth.
  • Discharge destination - The destination of the patient on discharge from hospital. National codes. Eg NHS-run care home.
  • Discharge address Address - to which patient discharged. Only completed where this is not the usual place of residence.

Example Discharge Section

Coded Resources

This text section should be linked to the following FHIR Resources to provide the textual information in a coded format.

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