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Ophelia Gently Outpatient Letter Scenario

Example scenario - Ophelia Gently Outpatient Letter


Miss Gently was referred to the rheumatology Outpatient clinic by her GP due to multiple joint pain which was causing her to not sleep well. She has previously been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and hypothyroidism.

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During the consultation Ophelia explains to Dr. Crippen that she wants not to be in constant pain so she can get a good nights sleep and that she is fed up will being tired all the time. The Dr. Crippen tells Ophelia that her tests all came back normal and that he wants to change her medication. He believes that Amitriptyline should be prescribed and explains that this should help her sleep much better. He also tells Ophelia that she should try to take regular gentle exercise and to gradually increase the amount. He advises her that the previous abnormal blood results are not of any significance other than reflecting her known diagnosis of thyroid disease. He writes her a prescription for two weeks supply of Amitriptyline explaining that she needs to take it about an hour before going to bed. He says that he will instruct her GP to prescribe more after the first two weeks course.

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