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Release Notes

Summary release notes of the versions released in FHIR National Pathology Implementation Guide


Test Report uses additional elements provided by the CareConnect-DiagnosticReport-1 profile to support the priority of a test and the date and time a test was requested.

  • CareConnect-DiagnosticReport-1.priority - The urgency of the test
  • CareConnect-DiagnosticReport-1.authoredOn - The date and time of the test request

Additional changes

  • The ‘note’ element has been updated with new narrative to describe its usage.

  • Specimen page has been updated to remove a typo.

  • CareConnect-Specimen-1.note element has been updated with new narrative to describe its usage.

  • General housekeeping applied across the implementation guide.


  • Project initialization
  • Draft Implementation guide added
  • National Pathology FHIR assets added

CareConnect Level 2 Profiles

  • CareConnect-ProcedureRequest-1
  • CareConnect-DiagnosticReport-1
  • CareConnect-Specimen-1
  • CareConnect-Observation
  • CareConnect-Patient-1
  • CareConnect-Organization-1
  • CareConnect-Practitioner-1

FHIR Value Sets

ValueSet-CareConnect-InterpretationCode-1 ValueSet-CareConnect-ReportCodeSnCT ValueSet-CareConnect-FindingCode-1 ValueSet-CareConnect-SpecimenBodySite-1 ValueSet-CareConnect-SpecimenType-1

FHIR CodeSystems


FHIR Data Type


FHIR Extensions

Extension-CareConnect-ValueApproximation-1 Extension-CareConnect-FastingStatus-1

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