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Test environments

Details of what environments are available to support the technical accreditation and solution assurance process

The following test environments are available:

Opentest (internet accessible using VPN)

The Opentest system is a platform based on Spine 2 Core, to which applications developers can connect their systems. Unlike the formal “path-to-live” environments there are very few pre-conditions (you do not even have to have a working system yet). Opentest is hosted off the NHS “N3/HSCN” network, so information governance prerequisites are not required before use.

More details on Opentest and request access can be found here -

Path-to-Live formal development and integration environments (accessible using N3/HSCN)

The formal path-to-live environments are hosted on N3/HSCN and as such the information governance prerequisites are required before use, as this is a predicate to connecting to N3/HSCN.

More details on the environments can be found here (N3/HSCN connection required) -

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