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GP Connect Messaging 1.3.0-beta release notes

GP Connect 1.3.0-beta released on 11th September 2019

Release overview

The GP Connect Messaging 1.3.0-beta release is a patch release including:

  • payload alignment with the Transfer of Care and Digital Medications programmes
    • the Task and DocumentReference resources have been dropped from the capability
    • the CareConnect-Composition base resource is being used as a wrapper for the consultation report PDF
    • the ITK-Payload-Bundle has been replaced with ITK-Document-Bundle resource
  • the use-case to send the consultation report within federations has been removed, and has been replaced with a more generic Send Consultation Report use-case
  • the receiver-side validation requirements from the error handling page have been removed
  • Document Replacement page has been added to describe how messages should be re-sent/replaced if necessary
  • requirement GPCM-SD-108 has been added to support mandatory population the meta element in profiles being utilised
  • requirements to trigger when a consultation should be sent have been simplified
  • requirements added to support confidential items being sent in PDF
  • requirement added to support consultations being deleted at the sending practice
  • the response messages example have been fixed
  • any broken links have been addressed

Page-by-page breakdown of changes

Updates following provider review

  • PDF layout
    • the PDF layout has been uplifted to cover the following areas:
      • date format changed from dd-mmm-yyyy hh:mm to DD-Mmm-YYYY hh:mm
      • additional information added for the populations of Surname, Forename and ` Current Tel No`
      • Registered Address renamed to Home/Registered Address
      • Date seen renamed to Date of consultation
      • Date consultation sent renamed to Date consultation letter sent
      • Current Tel updated to Current Tel No
      • Tel No. and Current Tel have been moved to the right of Home Address and Current Address
      • Date of consultation and Date of letter have been moved to the bottom of their section, below Place of consultation
      • Place of consultation updated to contain the full address
      • Surgery Tel No. updated to Consultation Surgery Tel No.
      • Surgery Email updated to Consultation Surgery Email
      • Blue colour used on template has been updated to NHS blue

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