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Send Document - payload structure

Send Document capability - the structure of the payload to be used for all use cases of the Send Document capability

Payload message requirements

The following requirements describe the structure of the Send Document payload. These requirements are applicable to each use case covered in the specification:

GPCM-SD-001 the ITK3 MessageHeader.focus element MUST be a reference to a Bundle resource which conforms to the ITK-Document-Bundle profile
GPCM-SD-002 the ITK-Document-Bundle MUST contain a Composition resource profiled to CareConnect-Composition-1 base resource
GPCM-SD-003 the CareConnect-Composition Composition.custodian element MUST contain an Organization resource which conforms to the CareConnect-Organization-1 profile describing the organisation which sends the message
GPCM-SD-004 where the message contains patient information, for example as a result of a healthcare event, the CareConnect-Composition Composition.subject element MUST contain a patient resource which conforms to the CareConnect-Patient-1 profile
GPCM-SD-005 the CareConnect-Composition element MUST contain one or more references to the individual or device that has authored the data in the payload. This includes the following resources:
GPCM-SD-006 where the message contains encounter information, a Composition.encounter referencing a CareConnect-Encounter-1 SHOULD be present
GPCM-SD-007 where the message contains observation information, a Composition.section.entry referencing a CareConnect-List-1 SHOULD be present. This resource lists all the observations present in the payload.
GPCM-SD-008 observations referenced in the the CareConnect-GPC-List-1 SHOULD each populate a Composition.section.entry referencing an Observation resource which conforms to the CareConnect-Observation-1 profile, describing each observation
GPCM-SD-009 where a message contains questionnaire information, a Composition.section.entry referencing a CareConnect-Questionnaire-1 SHOULD be present. This resource fully describes questionnaire being completed
GPCM-SD-010 where a message contains questionnaire response information, a Composition.section.entry referencing a CareConnect-QuestionnaireResponse-1 SHOULD be present. This resource describes all the questions asked to the patient and all the responses given
GPCM-SD-011 where a message contains a referral request, a Composition.section.entry referencing a CareConnect-ReferralRequest-1 SHOULD be present
GPCM-SD-012 where a message contains a document, a Composition.section.entry referencing a CareConnect-DocumentReference-1 SHOULD be present
GPCM-SD-013 where a message contains an allergy or intolerance, a Composition.section.entry referencing a CareConnect-AllergyIntolerance-1 SHOULD be present
GPCM-SD-014 where a message contains any family member history, a Composition.section.entry referencing a CareConnect-FamilyMemberHistory-1 SHOULD be present
GPCM-SD-015 where a message contains a task, a Composition.section.entry referencing a CareConnect-Task-1 SHOULD be present
GPCM-SD-016 where a message contains patient consent, a Composition.section.entry referencing a CareConnect-Consent-1 SHOULD be present
GPCM-SD-037 where a message contains a location, a Composition.section.entry referencing a CareConnect-Location-1 SHOULD be present
GPCM-SD-017 all meta elements MUST be treated as mandatory and populated with the associated resource
GPCM-SD-018 all id elements MUST be treated as mandatory, except when the resource is being created (initial creation call)

Including documents in the payload

The following requirements describe how binary documents are included in the payload:

GPCM-SD-019 each binary document sent in the payload MUST be included as an instance of the Composition.section element

Each instance of a binary document will be included as follows:

GPCM-SD-020 each Composition.section.entry MUST be a FHIR Reference containing a reference to an attachment profiled to ITK-Attachment-Binary-1
GPCM-SD-021 all attachments MUST be Base64 encoded
GPCM-SD-022 the primary attachment MUST be the first Composition.section.entry in the payload

Identifying the use case

The ITK3 message handling key LocalExtension is used to define the health or social care use case associated with the Send Document message. Please refer to the ITK3 header requirements for your particular use case.

Payload message illustration

The payload of a GP Connect message which uses the Send Document capability MUST have the structure illustrated in the diagram below, as described in the sections above:


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