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GP Connect Messaging 1.3.0 release notes

GP Connect 1.3.0 released on 30th April 2021

Release overview

GP Connect Messaging specification moved from beta to published on 30th April 2021

The GP Connect Messaging 1.3.0-beta release is a patch release including:

  • payload alignment with the Transfer of Care and Digital Medications programmes
    • the Task and DocumentReference resources have been dropped from the capability
    • the CareConnect-Composition base resource is being used as a wrapper for the consultation report PDF
    • the ITK-Payload-Bundle has been replaced with ITK-Document-Bundle resource
  • the use-case to send the consultation report within federations has been removed, and has been replaced with a more generic Send Consultation Report use-case
  • the receiver-side validation requirements from the error handling page have been removed
  • Document Replacement page has been added to describe how messages should be re-sent/replaced if necessary
  • requirement GPCM-SD-108 has been added to support mandatory population the meta element in profiles being utilised
  • requirements to trigger when a consultation should be sent have been simplified
  • requirements added to support confidential items being sent in PDF
  • requirement added to support consultations being deleted at the sending practice
  • the response messages example have been fixed
  • any broken links have been addressed

Page-by-page breakdown of changes

Updates following provider review

These changes have now been superseded by FoT feedback updates listed in the section below

  • PDF layout
    • the PDF layout has been uplifted to cover the following areas:
      • date format changed from dd-mmm-yyyy hh:mm to DD-Mmm-YYYY hh:mm
      • additional information added for the populations of Surname, Forename and ` Current Tel No`
      • Registered Address renamed to Home/Registered Address
      • Date seen renamed to Date of consultation
      • Date consultation sent renamed to Date consultation letter sent
      • Current Tel updated to Current Tel No
      • Tel No. and Current Tel have been moved to the right of Home Address and Current Address
      • Date of consultation and Date of letter have been moved to the bottom of their section, below Place of consultation
      • Place of consultation updated to contain the full address
      • Surgery Tel No. updated to Consultation Surgery Tel No.
      • Surgery Email updated to Consultation Surgery Email
      • Blue colour used on template has been updated to NHS blue

Updates following First of Type review

  • PDF layout
    • the PDF layout has been uplifted to cover the following areas:
      • Multiple field names have been updated and moved (please ensure all field names and locations match the PDF template)
      • Section header font sizes and background colours have been updated (please ensure all header sections match the PDF template)
      • Gender has been removed
      • Date consultation letter sent has been removed
      • Mobile No has been added
      • Consulting Organisation section title has been added to reduce wording of other fields associated with the consulting organisation
      • Branch Location has been added
      • Receiving GP Practice has been added
      • Summary Reason has been added to support a brief description of why the summary PDF has been sent
      • Follow-up Actions has been added to highlight any required follow-up actions being suggested by the sending organisation
      • Requirement GPCM-SD-136 added - all titles in Clinical Notes [notes] area are formatted as bold
      • Requirement GPCM-SD-137 added - all sections in Clinical Notes [notes] area have a carriage space between them
      • Requirement GPCM-SD-138 added - Clinical note section titles and Clinical Notes are tab separated
      • Requirement GPCM-SD-139 added - patient name must be in a larger font for quick easy reading
      • Requirement GPCM-SD-143 added - NHS colours must be utilised as per the PDF template
      • Requirement GPCM-SD-144 added - Summary Reason text
  • Triggering message creation
    • Requirement GPCM-SD-140 added - only clinically relevant encounters are sent
    • Requirement GPCM-SD-141 added - configurable control is in place as a final check that the user wants to send the document

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