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Business requirements

Business requirements for Send Federated Consultation Report use case

User stories and PDF layout

The full set of business requirements that need to be met to support the sending of a Consultation Report to a patient’s registered GP practice after they have been seen by another GP practice in the same federation, can be found here.

The requirements are described as a set of user stories with separate acceptance criteria for the provider and consumer systems, where applicable.

The PDF layout defines the document layout and the data in that document. The PDF layout and field descriptions can be found here.

Business process

The business process defines how the Send Federated Consultation Report functionality will be used in a clinical context. It contains the following key components:

  • process description
  • process map
  • process steps

Further detail about the business process can be found here.

Clinical engagement

To help ensure that the functionality being developed will be able to support GP practices, GP Connect has engaged with a range of GP practice staff to get an understanding of how that data may be used and what is required to support that use.

This engagement has included:

  • General Practitioners
  • GP Nurses
  • GP Pharmacists
  • Practice Managers
  • GP Practice Administration Staff

The feedback from these stakeholders has been used to develop the business process, user stories and PDF layout available above.

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