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Access Document introduction

Introduction to the Access Document capability


The Access Document capability provides the ability to retrieve unstructured documents from a patient’s registered GP practice.

FHIR® resources

The FHIR resources pages provide a detailed reference on population and consumption of the FHIR profiled resources used in this capability.

API definition

The following API definitions are included in this capability:

Spine interactions

The Access Document capability message set includes the following set of Spine interactions:

Operation InteractionID
Read metadata (Access Document) urn:nhs:names:services:gpconnect:documents:fhir:rest:read:metadata-1
Patient search (Access Document) urn:nhs:names:services:gpconnect:documents:fhir:rest:search:patient-1
Search for documents urn:nhs:names:services:gpconnect:documents:fhir:rest:search:documentreference-1
Retrieve document urn:nhs:names:services:gpconnect:documents:fhir:rest:read:binary-1

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