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    System topologies

    Overview of the different types of deployment topologies for GP Connect clients

    Consumer Topologies

    Simple Model

    Simple Topology

    A grouping of different GP Connect consumer systems, all connecting directly to GP Connect via the SSP. Each consumer in this example is registered as a CMA endpoint. The key point is that each consumer system has its own ASID.

    Aggregator Model

    Simple Model

    Several different consumer systems connecting to GP Connect via middleware (Message Handling Server / MHS)

    Provider Topologies

    Single Practice System

    Single Practice System

    A discrete instance of a Primary Care System serving a single GP Practice.

    Data Centre Hosted Practice System

    Hosted Practice System

    A GP Practice system instance hosted in a Primary Care System (PCS) supplier’s data centre. Note each individual practice has a logical CMA endpoint with its own ASID but sharing the Party Key.


    Spine endpoint terms

    ASID Accredited system identifier. A unique number allocated to a system on accreditation for connection to Spine.
    CMA endpoint Combined MHS and accredited system endpoint. An endpoint registered with Spine for a single system.
    MHS Message handling server. A middleware that handles messaging to/from Spine.
    MHS endpoint An endpoint registered with Spine for use with multiple systems via an MHS. Each system has its own ASID.
    Party Key The identity of a MHS handling messages for an Accredited System
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