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    System demonstrator

    Demonstrator implementation of the GP Connect FHIR API

    Try the online demonstrator

    View the latest build of the GP Connect Demonstrator online now!


    Take the Ripple open source record viewer and use it to demonstrate the GP Connect APIs to validate and accelerate delivery of the GP Connect APIs. The demonstrator acts as a mock Consuming application to show how the data made available by the APIs could be used.

    Current status

    We now have a functioning user interface that can drive interactions with the FHIR-based APIs to implement the following capabilities:

    • Access Record HTML
    • Appointment Management

    System architecture

    API Consumer talking to API Provider via the Spine Security Proxy

    Source code

    The GP Connect demonstrator is an open source software project using the HAPI open-source FHIR library.

    • Download the source code from the Demonstrator GitHub project repo

    • The project contains step by step instructions to set up a working instance on your own machine.

    Example screens

    GP Connect Demonstrator Patient Summary


    All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3.0, except where otherwise stated