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    Run Website Locally

    How to run the website locally on your own PC.

    Please follow the following instructions to setting up GitHub Pages to run locally:


    In short…

    Make sure you have Ruby 2.X.X installed.

    ruby --version

    Install bundler using gem.

    gem install bundler 

    Clone the gpconnect Git repository.

    git clone https://github.com/nhsconnect/gpconnect.git

    Now change into the downloaded/cloned directory and run the ‘bundle install’ command to install Jekyll.

    bundle install 

    Run the ‘jekyll serve’ command to compile and serve the HTML content.

    bundle exec jekyll serve 

    By default pages are served from http://localhost:4005/

    You will likely hit two further problems.

    1) Fix warnings related to SSL certificate checking (by configuring the SSL_CERT_FILE env variable)

    I followed the following instructions to download and reference a cacert.pem file.


    2) Fix warnings related to the Jekyll GitHub Metadata plugin (by configuring the JEKYLL_GITHUB_TOKEN env veriable)


    Tags: support

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