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    Glossary of terms used by GP Connect

    Glossary of common terms and abbreviations used though-out the GP Connect documentation.

    Direct Patient Care

    : The Caldicott Review defined it as a clinical, social or public health activity concerned with the prevention, investigation and treatment of illness and the alleviation of suffering of individuals. It includes supporting individuals’ ability to function and improve their participation in life and society. It includes the assurance of safe and high quality care and treatment through local audit, the management of untoward or adverse incidents, person satisfaction including measurement of outcomes undertaken by one or more registered and regulated health or social care professionals and their team with whom the individual has a legitimate relationship for their care.

    First of Type

    : The chosen recipient(s) to test the first deployment of the new capabilities.


    : A system which consumes data using existing GP Connect APIs


    : A system which provides data by exposing GP Connect APIs

    Principal Supplier

    : The name given to a group of suppliers who provide the GP’s with the core system available under the GPSoC contract.’


    : The action or process used to ensure that a system provider meets necessary criteria to use the GP Connect services.


    : A set of activities intended to provide confidence that a system works as described and in a safe and secure way.

    GPSoC Contract

    : GP System of Choice contract whereby a number of suppliers have gained approval to offer services via a centrally controlled contract.

    GP Connect Licence

    : The terms and conditions for usage of the GP Connect service.

    Proxy Server

    : A server that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers


    : Is a collection of national applications, services and directories which support the health and social care sector in the exchange of information in national and local IT systems


    : Personal Demographic Service


    : Spine Directory Service


    : Organisational Data Service


    : For the purposes of federation of appointment bookings through the Appointments API, the “federation” is simply considered to the list of the organisations which are members of the federation, for example as a list of ODS codes

    Active Patient

    An Active patient as defined by GP Connect is any patient on a providers system that has Not Left and is Not Deceased.

    The concept of “Active” is related to the patient’s registration status rather than to the patients registration type. A providers system may have a number of different statuses which should be considered “Active”, many of those statuses may apply to a number of different registration type. Below is a basic example of a possible GP Practice representation of patient registration type and registration status, to help explain the concept of “Active” patient within GP Connect.

    Patient Registration Status GP Connect Considered Active
    Registration Pending Yes
    Fully registered Yes
    Deduction Pending Yes
    Deceased No (Inactive)
    Left/Deducted No (Inactive)
    Patient Registration Type Associated Registration Status
    Regular / GMS “Registration Pending”, “Fully registered”, “Deduction Pending”,
    “Deceased”, “Left/Deducted”
    Temporary - Long Stay “Fully registered”, “Deceased”, “Left/Deducted”
    Temporary - Short Stay “Fully registered”, “Deceased”, “Left/Deducted”
    Emergency “Fully registered”, “Deceased”, “Left/Deducted”

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