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    System Topologies

    Overview of the different types of deployment topologies for GP Connect clients

    Single Consumer System

    Single System

    This represents typically a GP Practice with a single system hosted locally or a single instance hosted elsewhere. This topology has a single “CMA Endpoint”.

    Supplier Datacentre Hosted Consumer

    Datacentre System

    This is typical of a large GP Systems supplier with many Practice instances hosted in a datacentre, where a “MHS Endpoint” is used and each instance has its own ASID.

    Acute Trust Portal using TIE

    Acute with Portal

    This represents an acute trust acting as a GP Connect consumer via a Trust Integration Engine, showing the information on a clinical portal and also ingested into an EPR. Note the ASID for each system which consumes data from the GP record. Also please note the acute systems and non GP Connect endpoints depicted are for illustrative purposes. An e-RS endpoint is not a pre-requisite for GP Connect.

    Regional Shared Care Record

    Shared Care Record

    A regional shared care initiative hosted by one of the participating organisations might have a topology similar to this. This illustrates a consuming portal deployment. The hosting organisation holds the ASID for the consumer application and (subject to the usual governance controls) the data can be shared via the portal to other organisations. However in such scenarios it is important that the originating clinician and organisation details are provided in the request so that consumer and provider audit requirements can be met. See Cross Organisation Audit and Provenance

    Spine Endpoint Terms

    MHS Endpoint An endpoint registered with Spine for use with multiple systems via a MHS. Each system has its own ASID.
    CMA Endpoint Combined MHS and Accredited System Endpoint. An endpoint registered with Spine for a single system.
    ASID Accredited System Identifer. A unique number allocated to a system on accreditation for connection to Spine.
    MHS Message Handling Server. A middleware that handles messaging to/from Spine.
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