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Data model principles

High-level design principles related to the FHIR data modelling aspects of the system

GP Connect Data Models

  • data model assets to be held on GitHub
  • data models to be licensed under the Apache 2 license
  • code repositories will use the GitFlow branching model
  • a data library Git repository will hold shared/common resources
  • FHIR resources will carry the major version in the name (for example, gpconnect-patient-1) and major/minor version within StructureDefinition/Conformance
  • profiling tools (for example, Furore Forge) will be used to create FHIR StructureDefinitions and ValueSets


It is common for the base FHIR® standard to require further adaptation to a particular context of use.

Profiling is a general term that describes the process of adapting the base standard for use in a specific context. Typically, the profiling process both restricts and extends APIs, resources and terminologies.

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