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Observations HTML view
Section code Section name TPP EMIS Vision Microtest
OBS Observations Yes Yes Yes Yes

Clinical narrative

A clinical observation is a repeatable data element recorded by health professionals in the course of assessment or care of their patients or clients. Examples include, blood pressure measurement, weight, height or temperature measurement.


The purpose of this section is to enable the clinician to view and compare chronological data pertaining to a patient’s physical condition.

Sections and subsections

There is only a single main section for observations with no subsections.

Section title

The section title MUST be ‘Observations’.

Date filter

A date filter is applicable for the Observations section.

Section content banner

Provider message describing at a summary level how they have populated this section.

Table columns

Providers must return all the columns as described in the table below, sorted by Date descending:

Order Name Description Value details    
Date The date of the observation dd-Mmm-yyyy
Entry A short human readable free-text title for the observation free-text
Value Value of the observation free-text
Range Range (where available) of the observation free-text
Details Longer human readable details for the observation free-text
Note: All number formatting MUST follow the formatting applied in GP clinical supplier system providing the patient record.
Important: GP principal suppliers have indicated this section will contain all clinical items that represent measurement data (for example, blood pressure, temperature, heart rate).

HTML view

   <div class="gptransfer-banner">
         <!-- GP transfer banner -->
   <div class="content-banner">
         <!-- Content banner -->
   <div class="date-banner">
         <!-- Date banner -->
   <div class="exclusion-banner">
         <!-- Exclusion banner -->
   <table id="obs-tab">
            <!-- the <tr>...</tr> element will repeat for each observation-->
            <td class="date-column">{{}}</td>

Example view

See the Pen Observations by gp_connect (@tford70) on CodePen.

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