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Conformance Requirements

Requirements for FHIR endpoints to declare their capabilities

FHIR-CONF-01: All FHIR ReST endpoints MUST publish their conformance

All servers offering a FHIR ReST API endpoint MUST publish a FHIR conformance / capability statement (in the form of a Conformance or CapabilityStatement resource) at the root URL of their endpoint.

FHIR-CONF-02: All national FHIR STU3 Capability Statements MUST conform to the NHSDigital-CapabilityStatement-1 Profile.

The DRAFT profile is published on the NHS FHIR Reference Server and the profile design document defines the best practice rules for profiling NHS Digital national STU3 FHIR Capability Statements for server mode ‘requirements’ and ‘instance’ purposes.


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