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Supported Event Messages

List of events supported by the NEMS

The following event messages are supported by the NEMS for either publication and/or subscription by providers as indicated:

✅ Supported ❌ Not Supported

Requirements and population guidance within the event message specific pages should be followed in addition to the Generic Event Message Requirements within this specification.

Event Maturity

The maturity of the event messages are indicated within the tables below. These event maturity labels are intended to indicate the expected stability of the event messages as follows:

Event Maturity Description
Alpha Early proposal for an event message, high risk of change.
Beta The event design has been agreed and is intended to become the release candidate but has not been proved through development and testing, therefore there is a risk that changes may be required.
Release Candidate The event has been through a development and testing phase, followed by a successful DVP in live use. The event message should not change unless as a result of a live issue.
Released Event is being widely used and is unlikely to change, unless a changes is required as a result of a live issue.

Event Messages

The following are event messages currently supported by the NEMS:

Event Event Code Publication API Subscription API Date Available Event Maturity
PDS Birth Notification pds-birth-notification-1 March 2019 Release Candidate
PDS Change of Address pds-change-of-address-1 March 2019 Release Candidate
PDS Change of GP pds-change-of-gp-1 March 2019 Release Candidate
PDS Death Notification pds-death-notification-1 March 2019 Release Candidate
Professional Contacts professional-contacts-1 February 2020 Beta
Vaccinations vaccinations-1 February 2020 Beta

DCH Event Messages

The following event message are supported by the NEMS but have been defined by Digital Child Health.

Note: The requirements and guidance for these event is hosted on an external page, but all the generic requirements and guidance outlined within this specification still apply to these events.

Event Event Code Publication API Subscription API Date Available Event Maturity
Blood Spot Test Outcome blood-spot-test-outcome-1 October 2019 Release Candidate
Newborn Hearing newborn-hearing-1 October 2019 Release Candidate
NIPE Outcome nipe-outcome-1 October 2019 Release Candidate
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