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Controller Catalogue

An overview of data controllers which are using the service

The purpose of the controller catalogue is to document the system suppliers and health and social care organisations authorised to share information as events using the National Events Management Service (NEMS).

Any requests to share information via NHS Digital services, the source and consumer of that information, are reviewed by the Interoperability Working Group and a recommendation provided by the group as to the appropriate sharing pattern(s) and sharing capability(ies) which meet end user needs.

The following documents make up the controller catalogue:

Document Description Link
Events & Stakeholder Summary List the events shared on the National Event Management Service (NEMS) and those stakeholders who are publishing, subscribing or both publishing and subscribing to the events. Download PDF
Purpose & Lawful Basis Describes the purpose and lawful basis for the sharing of the events with the stakeholders. Download PDF
End User Orgs Lists the organisations using the National Event Management Service (NEMS) and indicates which events an organisation is publishing or subscribing to or both publishing and subscribing to. Download PDF
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