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Clinical Safety Advice and Guidance

Advice and guidance on clinical safety issues

Questions to consider:

  • How will your solution ensure that the right clinicians are in the correct workgroups?
  • How will your solution ensure that technical failures can be dealt with safely?
  • How will your solution handle updates to the clinical information or attachments?
  • How will your solution handle a second viewing of the document(s)?
  • How will your solution record the outcome of this second viewing?
  • How will the advice sent back to the referrer be recorded in your solution?
  • How will you prevent referrals received from e-RS being viewed by people who should not have access to the referral details?
  • How will you manage information stored in your solution after the legitimate relationship has ended?
  • Will the actions on your solution mirror the options on e-RS?
  • Will the comments sections on your solution mirror the sections in e-RS?
  • What happens if admin staff are not assigned to the correct workgroups in NHS e-RS and/or your solution?
  • What happens if an incoming referral is mapped to the wrong speciality, workgroup or named clinician?
  • What happens if the smartcard is removed?
  • What happens if a duplicate referral is received and not identified as a duplicate?
  • What happens if a referral is only partially downloaded?
  • Can your solution support all document formats?
  • What is the process if your solution or NHS e-RS is down or encounters a major incident?

Further Information:

Note: The information contained within these pages is intended solely as a guide, assuring the clinical safety of any system remains the responsibility of the commissioning party.

All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3.0, except where otherwise stated