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SOAP API - Error Codes

A list of potential error codes you could receive from the SOAP API

Error Codes

If your SOAP request is invalid in some way, or there is an error with processing an appropriate request, you will receive an error in the following format:

<env:Envelope xmlns:env="">
                <env:Text>Incorrect Privileges: Please check that the user has the correct privileges to run this service</env:Text>

Error Codes for web service version v1.3

Code Description Notes
100 System Search failure  
101 Postcode Validation: Postcode not found  
102 Service Search: No services found This error will only return if catch-all has also failed. This most frequently occurs when the postcode is out of area – e.g. Wales or Scotland
103 Request Response: Service not found  
104 Parameter Validation: No valid discriminators passed/SGSD combo not valid  
105 Parameter Validation: Search distance must be greater than 0km and less than maximum system distance. The maximum is a configuration parameter set in DoS – currently 99
106 Parameter Validation: Invalid gender supplied - supported values: M, F, I  
106 Parameter Validation: Invalid age format supplied - supported values Years, AgeGroup  
107 WSDL Validation: Unsupported Webservice version  
108 Request Validation: Malformed XML: The soap message is not valid xml.  
109 WSDL Validation: (109) - Unable to find version  
300 Unable to login to DoS web services Generic error (usually a system level issue)
302 Authentication failed: Please check user credentials (username/password) or check whether the user account is locked (use password reset to unlock)  
303 Incorrect Privileges: Please check that the user has the correct privileges to run this service Usually because the user does not have the correct permission on their account
1001 Request Validation: Unable to locate username and password in the request  

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