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SOAP API - CheckCapacitySummary v1.3

Details about the CheckCapacitySummary SOAP method


CheckCapacitySummary allows a consumer to perform a fully-ranked (curated) search to find services that can provide appropriate care to meet a patient’s clinical need

Type Description
Request A non-identifiable representation of a ‘clinical case’
Response A curated, ordered set of service results (valid requests should always return some results - see “Catch All search”)

Search Logic

When a consumer posts a CheckCapacitySummary request, there is a fairly complex set of logic steps that are performed before a results set is returned.

These steps can be thought of as a ‘filter pipeline’, with each step of the pipeline taking a broad results set and returning a more narrow results set. The pipeline process is largely transparent to the API consumer.

There are several different types of filters that are applied:

  • Basic permissions - validate the XML, the account permissions and some initial parameters
  • Service attribute filters - discount a large number of services based on distance, symptom group (SG), gender and GP surgery
  • Fine filter - filter remaining services based on the other parameters and begin Gap processing
  • Calculate display order - determine the order in which services return, based on ranking and other rules

These are explained in more detail in the “Search Logic” page.

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