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UEC Digital Integration Programme | QuestionnaireResponse implementation guidance

QuestionnaireResponse resource implementation guidance

QuestionnaireResponse: Implementation Guidance


The responses to a Questionnaire sent by the CDSS are communicated back by the EMS using the QuestionnaireResponse resource. The EMS will present the question and the set of possible responses received from the CDSS to the user during an ongoing clinical evaluation process and any answers from the user will be used to populate a QuestionnaireResponse.

Detailed implementation guidance for a QuestionnaireResponse resource in the CDS context is given below:

Name Cardinality Type FHIR Documentation CDS Implementation Guidance
identifier 0..1 Identifier Unique id for this set of answers
basedOn 0..* Reference |
(ReferralRequest |
CarePlan |
Request fulfilled by this QuestionnaireResponse
parent 0..* Reference |
(Observation |
Part of this action
questionnaire 0..1 Reference |
Form being answered This MUST be populated with a reference to the Questionnaire to which this QuestionnaireResponse is responding.
status 1..1 code in-progress | completed | amended | entered-in-error | stopped QuestionnaireResponseStatus (Required). This MUST be populated either with 'amended' or 'completed'.
subject 0..1 Reference(Any) The subject of the questions This MAY be populated with a reference to the Patient resource.
context 0..1 Reference |
(Encounter |
Encounter or Episode during which questionnaire was completed This MUST be populated with the Encounter for this journey, which is the same as the ServiceDefinition.$evaluate.encounter
authored 0..1 dateTime Date the answers were gathered This SHOULD be populated with the date and/or time that this set of answers was entered or last changed.
author 0..1 Reference |
(Device |
Practitioner |
Patient |
Person who received and recorded the answers
source 0..1 Reference |
(Patient |
Practitioner |
The person who answered the questions
item 0..* BackboneElement Groups and questions The population of this element and its children MUST reflect the item nesting in the Questionnaire to which this QuestionnaireResponse is responding.
item.linkId 1..1 string Pointer to specific item from Questionnaire
item.definition 0..1 uri ElementDefinition - details for the item
item.text 0..1 string Name for group or question text
item.subject 1..1 Reference | (Any) The subject this group's answers are about
item.answer 0..* BackboneElement The response(s) to the question
item.answer.value[x] 0..1 boolean | decimal |
integer | date |
dateTime | time |
string | uri |
Attachment |
Coding |
Quantity | Reference(Any)
Single-valued answer to the question Questionnaire Answer Codes (Example)
answer.item 0..* BackboneElement Nested groups and questions
item.item 0..* BackboneElement Nested questionnaire response items
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